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ElectionGuard Hart Verity Scanner and Usability Convening August 3-5, 2022


This convening is a hybrid event that will be held both virtually on Microsoft Teams and in-person at the Microsoft campus in Redmond, Washington. All times Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).


Wednesday, August 3

ElectionGuard Hart Verity Precinct Scan Implementation and Ecosystem

What is ElectionGuard and How Does It Work? [RC Carter, Microsoft]

Video | Presentation

An Overview of the ElectionGuard Ecosystem [Josh Benaloh, Microsoft]

Video | Presentation

ElectionGuard Integrated Election Setup (demonstration) [Lee Richardson and Steve Maier, InfernoRed; RC Carter, Microsoft]


Implementing End-to-End Verifiability in the Verity Voting System: Lessons in ElectionGuard Integration and the Voting Experience (includes demonstration) [Jim Canter, Eugene Konovalenko, and Drew Tinney, Hart]

Video | Presentation

Generating the Election Record (demonstration) [Lee Richardson and Steve Maier, InfernoRed; RC Carter, Microsoft]


Confirmation Code Lookup Site (demonstration) [Aaron Wilson, Enhanced Voting]


Practical ElectionGuard Verifier Implementation (includes demonstration)[Moses Liskov and Dr. John Ramsdell, MITRE]

Video | Presentation

Thursday, August 4

Usability and Accessibility in US Elections

Ballot Marking Device Verification: Can vs. Do [Mike Byrne, Rice University]

Video | Presentation | Related publication: "Can Voters Detect Errors on Their Printed Ballots? Absolutely" Philip Kortum, Michael D. Byrne, Chidera O. Azubike, Laura E. Roty |

Opportunities for Accessibility Innovation with VVSG 2.0 [Whitney Quesenberry, Center for Civic Design]

Video | Presentation

EAC Perspectives on Accessibility, End-to-End Verifiability, and VVSG 2.0 [Thomas Hicks, Election Assistance Commission]

Video | Presentation

Panel Discussion: Usability Considerations that Can Improve Security and Independence [Clark Rachfal, American Council of the Blind; Michelle Bishop, MSW, National Disability Rights Network; Diana Mairose, Self Advocates Becoming Empowered; moderated by Rylin Rodgers, Microsoft]

Video | View the SABE GoVoter Project Report

Voting Method, Accessibility, and Security Innovations

Secure Accessible Voting with ElectionGuard [Aaron Wilson, Enhanced Voting]

Video | Presentation

Implementing End-to-end Verifiability for Vote by Mail [Braden Crimmins, University of Michigan]

Video | Presentation

What's Next? ElectionGuard 2.0 [Michael Naehrig, Microsoft]

Video | Presentation

Friday, August 5: Nerd Day

10:00-2:00 Technical discussions focusing on ElectionGuard 2.0 innovations, implementation options, roadmap, and opensource community

View the current agenda for Nerd Day