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ElectionGuard Fulton Banner

ElectionGuard in the February 2020 Fulton, Wisconsin Special Election

In February, 2020, the town of Fulton, Wisconsin, hosted a special election using ElectionGuard in a voting system built in partnership with VotingWorks. This was the first time ElectionGuard was used in a live election, and while the official tally was determined by a hand count, both the VotingWorks system and ElectionGuard recorded the same results that was validated by the hand count.

The voting system used programmable smart cards to record and print their ballot as well as create the ElectionGuard encrypted ballot. Voters filled out their ballots using a VotingWorks ballot marking device. The ballot was stored in both VotingWorks and ElectionGuard encrypted versions, and printed for voters to review and deposit into a ballot box. The paper ballots were tabulated using a VotingWorks scanner.

Three election guardians oversaw the ElectionGuard tally process. No independent verifier was written.


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