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Getting Started

ElectionGuard as an SDK provides a specification and reference implementations with specific data format. If you're looking to develop code with ElectionGuard, you might be wondering where to start. There are two paths:

  1. Create an app using ElectionGuard
  2. Contribute to ElectionGuard's open source


If you're having trouble understanding where to start, the architecture and [data format][data-format] pages dive in a bit deeper. Take a look at versioning to get a good idea of what is still in progress.

Create an App

There are many different possible applications that can be created using ElectionGuard reference implementations or for ElectionGuard. A helpful starting list can be found within applications. Feel free to use badges to indicate which version of the specification the app was developed for.

Contribute to Open Source

ElectionGuard is an open source platform and depends on an active community and ecosystem. The contribute page highlights some top level ways to contribute. For those that want to jump right in, take a look at our approach and our repositories.


Each repository houses the in-depth developer documentation for coding with the repositories.