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Whenever possible and as a guiding principle, the evolution of the ElectionGuard SDK will be driven by the use cases and priorities of the community and in service of best-practice implementations of real-world, secret-ballot public elections. Community contributions are highly valued. Help defend democracy and contribute to ElectionGuard.


Where to Start?

There are many locations to contribute to ElectionGuard. ElectionGuard is an open source platform and depends on an active community and ecosystem.

The SDK is comprised of two repositories:

Ways to get involved

  1. Learn about ElectionGuard and share the information
  2. Post questions or ideas in our discussion board
  3. Develop on issues in the repos with tags of good first issue or help wanted
  4. Add to and improve documentation. Keep it Plain English and include helpful images.


ElectionGuard relies on its community for its success. For example, for end-to-end verifiable elections, integrity is improved by the number of independent verifiers that confirm the results of an election.


Library Ports