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Sample Data

To better understand the data formats used by ElectionGuard, sample data is provided here to guide new developers.

Three Sample Elections

We have provided sample data for three different elections:

  • Minimal - This is the most minimal election manifest file possible, designed to be easy to inspect and quick to develop against for rapid testing. All optional fields have been removed from the election manifest file. The election contains a single Yes/No referrendum with a single ballot style in a single geopolitical unit.

  • Small - This is designed to be a relatively small and simple election, but with more complexity than the minimal election. This is a good sample data set to begin understanding more complex ballot types with two or more geopolitical units or ballot styles. Three contests are listed (one of each type: Yes/No Referrendum, Select One, and Select n of m), two GP units, two ballot styles, and a small number of recommended optional fields are included.

  • Full - This is a more realistic ballot for a general election for a midsized municipality. This ballot contains many geopolitical units with multiple ballot styles and contains all optional metadata fields. This sample has multi-language support and multiple submitted ballot samples.

Election Manifests

The Election Manifest contains all the details of the election (such as contests, candidates, selections, ballot styles, etc.) and is required at the start of an ElectionGuard election.

Manifest Examples: minimal | small | full

Submitted Ballots

Submitted Ballots are encrypted ballots that have been cast or spoiled. Cast ballots will be tallied and spoiled ballots are decrypted.

Submitted Ballot Examples: minimal | small | full


Election Artifacts are the files required at the end of the election to verify the election and are intended to be posted publicly. There should not be any sensitive data (eg: no guardian private keys) in the artifacts. These include the following:

  • Manifest
  • Election Context
  • Election Constants
  • Encrypted Tally
  • Decrypted Tally
  • Guardian Records
  • Encryption Device Information
  • Encrypted Ballots
  • Decrypted Spoiled Ballots

Example Folder Structure:

📂 artifacts
--- 📄 manifest.json
--- 📄 context.json
--- 📄 constants.json
--- 📄 encrypted_tally.json
--- 📄 tally.json
--- 📁 guardians
--- 📁 devices
--- 📁 encrypted_ballots
--- 📁 spoiled_ballots

Artifacts Examples: minimal | small | full